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*sneaks in*

This friends meme thing going around is quite interesting. Although, I don't suppose I shall do it myself. I don't know any you that well so it probably wouldn't make for interesting reading.

I'm at work and as usual I shouldn't be on this! But, hey who's gonna rat on me?? You guys aren't are you?? ;)

Held an interview this morning, a nice young lady called Sarah. She didn't do too well unfortuantely - she seemed like a nice person though ^_^ We have to interview another person tomorrow... it's a guy! You don't get many men applying for my kind of job. His name is... well, I don't know because I've forgotten lol.

Why can I never think of anything to put in here, I do far more than I ever say I do!

ICK... that weirdo Freddie is over there *flicks staples at him* he keeps on looking at me *throws a rock at him*.

Lord of The Rings is out tomorrow, I can't wait to see it XD I think we might be seeing it on Saturday, it depends. It's so cool, we get free tickets when we go to the cinema :D I knew I married D for a reason ;)

Whee, D is online *chats to him for a bit* ... *licks him* such a sweetheart.

Wheeeeee Christmas in 8 days!!

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