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... I don't think it was such a bad suggestion DAVID *doofs you* He isn't shocked in a bad way by the way people.

Today I did nothing! I got up far too late and lounged around, it was much too cold to be doing anything outside. I pottered round the house, did a little cleaning (well, I thought about it), mostly I watched mindless things on TV, lay down with the cat, read a bit of my book, and rang Suzi for a while.

And, yes. That was it. Oh, wait I did make dinner. I've accomplished SO much ;)

And I did make that suggestion to D.

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*UGHH* The both of you are too damn vague! What was the suggestion? LOL *whispers* Between us gals, of course *wink*
Nose out :-p

I'm sure you'll know in due time

*whines* I wanna know NOW!