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It's Sunday afternoon - FAR too cold to be doing anything othger than sitting in fromt of the fire reading a nice book, wrapped up in a blanket. But, here I am, updating this thing. I'm sure not many of you read it - but, hey it gives me something to do for ten minutes or so ^___^

I've got just over six weeks to go until this baby shows itself - they're going to fly by. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up! I was a bit sniffly a few days ago, but it's all cleared up! I feel excellent. WHEEEEE!! XD It's really good not to be ill. It's so exhausting and just... annoying! So, hopefully I won't get ill for a little while now!

Richard is doing really well - I have one more week and then I'm off on maternity leave. I'll be able to spend more time with D - so that's going to be great. And when he leaves his job we'll both be at home - so that'll be good. Like the old days ^___^ *loves him*

I'm playing Goo Goo Dolls far too loudly! Black Ballon at the moment. I should get some GGD icons - I'm sure D has some somewhere. I'll thieve some off him later.

Well - I got bored earlier. So I tided up the house. OK, grante dit didn't really need tidying, but, Meh - I did it anyway. I like doing it like that - I can always stand and read an article in a magazine... or just do time-wasting things, like look through the calender and see what's happening to me in the coming month whilst I take the afore said magazine to the recycling box. Yes - small pleasures LOL!

I decided that I really didn't want to tackle Davids' paperwork - so I left it on the kitchen side. I think he's going to be doing all that tomorrow. *sniggers* The filing cabinets are under the stairs with the vacuum cleaner and stuff -_-;; Only D wouild put them there. *DOOF*

Well *prods bump* she's growing a lot more now - so that's good - hopefully she won't be as small as they worried she might be now. If she's too small they'll have to keep her in for observations. But it shouldn't come to that - just as long as I can stay well!

*drums fingers* D won't be home til five. What is a girl to do with herself?? watch Legolas in The Two Towers *halo*

So, can any of you guess what we're going to be calling baby??? :)

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