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D has COLD hands - and he finds it hilarious trying to touch my face.. or wherever he can get a hold of *doofs him* ;) Luckily, he's on the other computer, so I'm safe for a while. Well, at least until dinner!

We're not having much tonight. Nether of us are that hungry (which is surprising for D!) So, I think we might just have some soup or something. I think we have some tomato soup somewhere - I might put rice in it.. or pasta. Or I might not.

*giggles* with all this cold weather it's a mammoth task going out anywhere! First of you have to get dressed (apparently it's the done thing lol) and then, you gotta put on coats.. scarves.. hats.. gloves!! Just seems to take me forever!

Once you've managed to get yourself dressed you bound happily outside to discover that you never did quite get round to putting the car in the garage, and now your windows are all frosted up.

So you grumble a bit (as you do) try and fish your car keys out with a gloved hand, walk (not so) merrily over to the car, only to find the lock is frozen >.<
So, in all sensibilty the obvious solution is to get the hairdryer out.... of course! So, you've done that, unlocked the car, rummaged around for the de-icer and scraper. You then realise you'll have to take your gloves off to use the can of de-icer. So, you balance the de-icer and scraper in one hand, tug off your glove with your teeth, touch the can of de-icer and then you discover just how VERY COLD the can is.

Then it's the joy of *spray spray spray* *Scrape scrape scrape* etc etc .... etc.

And then, you hop into your car, realise that opening the door has let al the cold air in, and now the inside windows now have a fine layer of frost on them -_-;; So now you have to wait for the engine to heat up a bit more, deciding it's not worth the effort to go back inside, because.. you know, you'll just have to come BACK outside. (ohhh the effort!!) And then you have clear window screens, and you glkance down at the clock and realise you only have ten minutes in which to make a twenty-dive minute journey. On icy roads. In the early morning light. YAAAAAAY.

So all in all you decide that next time... D can do it!

Not that things like that ever happen to me... of course not ;)

*giggles* OK, I'm off to go and make the soup. Well, I say 'make' what I mean is, opening the carton and putting it on the hob for five minutes then chucking it in bowls LOL

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