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Hi there! Season's greetings and (a belated) Happy Christmas to you all :)

I hope you all had a really nice Christmas, we did ^__^ David got me the most beautiful present, he got me a necklace and a ring, they're both so pretty. The ring has an inscription on the inside, it's just beautiful *loves him*

*giggles* You shoulda seen D's face when he opened the card from me. I let him get the motorbike he's been wanting *smiles* - he wore his 'Wanna FCUK?' T-shirt I got him all day yesteray and kept on pointing at it and wiggling his eyebrows at me -_-;; He has far too many of those t-shirts ^__^

I'm feeling somewhat spoilt this Christmas, I recieved so many wonderful gifts. My parents sent down a photo of them, they had one done professionally - they look really great in it - I can't wait to see them. We're going down for New Years - it's going to be brilliant *can't wait*

D got a photo too, from his friend Alex. It's a picture of the both of them from a while back - they must have been at work and during the world cup - they both have England shirts on. It's really good photo actually, they both look really happy. I like it. Lord knows why D shows people the photo he has online - it's not exactly his best photo *doofs him*

We both got quite a lot of baby stuff, so *giggles* we hardly have to buy any clothes for baby. Just stuff like socks and stuff! Which is a point, we need to start clearing out the spare room. Well, I say 'we', by that of course I mean David LOL!

Wheeeeeeee D made me a stocking for Christams *___* That was a pleasant surprise for Christmas morning :) And yes, we DO need to get rid of that phone in the bedroom ;) I wonder who it was *giggles* Heee, I got a little Legolas keyring in my stocking, I got LOTR slipper socks too. He also got me lots of Winnie The Pooh stuff. That was a lovely stocking. I even got a bag of chocolate coins *___*

We spent most of yesterday at D's parents, and that was good fun, Adam was being a dork and was singing along to the 'Cheeky Girls' song eventually doing a duet with Crue. It was brilliant LOL

We went over to see Robbie and his kids this morning, his kids were really excited. His little girl, Sophie, liked her CD we got her (Sugababes), and little Ben got a Hedwig toy from us, he loved it, it's sitting at pride of place on top of his Harry Potter books. ^_^

We got more presents -_-;; GUESS WHAT HE GOT ME???!!! He only got me a copy of 'Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers' *shrieks* It's a pre-release, it's excellent copy *squawks* Lord knows how he does these things *shakes head* - he got D something for his computer... a video card of some sort. I don't ask questions LOL I don't pretend to know much about the internal workings of computers - I leave that to D. It's easier!
Now, all I hve to do is find time to watch Legolas LOTR again *bounces*

Anyway, we came home at about eleven - D attacked the computer and put his video card in and I set about finding somewhere to put our new photos. So now, the photo of my parents is in the living room on the fireplace and the picture of D and Alex now lives in the hallway, near the living room door.

Suzi came by, then about twenty minutes later Alex came by - so we all had lunch and then Suzi had to go and see her sister. So after chatting with Alex for a while I decided to come on here and potter around. D and Alex are in the kitchen... well, they were... they've just come in here now. Wait, D has the phone... LOL it's the phone that was in the bedroom *shakes head* He's just put it down next to the monitor with a grin.

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