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David looks good in a Santa hat LOL

Sorry, you'll have to excuse that most random comment. I'm afraid that David and I are the only ones that will find that amusing.

So, again, I find myself updating this journal, which is a good thing - not a bad thing! I've been busy, anyone would think it's Christmas ;) We've been to a few parties, which killed me, so again, I'm left in awe at David's energy - Lord knows how he ever manged to get to work those days.
After I had recovered suitably on Saturday, I went into town with Suzi and Jen, and we did a little Christmas shopping. It was ridiculously busy though, so we didn't last long! Got a few things though, and it was really nice. We all had muffins and hot chocolate for lunch :D

David and I are going up to see my parents for New Year, I can't wait! We're only going for a couple of days, but it will still be nice :) I haven't seen them in forever now, over a year - that's a long time.

We've decided on a person to cover my maternity leave, we chose the man in the end! His name turned out to be ... wait for it. Richard. -_- My boss is called Richard. So Richard will have a PA called Richard, so that's gonna be confusing! New Richard starts just after new year, he'll be working alongside me for a few weeks, and then, he's on his own.
Richard and Richard. Richard2. That's what we're calling them already. *giggles*

What? Didn't you know, we're geeks at work!!! It's true ;)

We went to see 'Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers' on Sunday! I'm in LegolasLuv *_______*

*giggles* You just know, if any of us lowly beings tried the whole 'sliding down the stairs' deal - it wouldn't work. Firstly, the shield would slide out from under our feet, we'd land straight on our behinds and look rather silly and we would have wished we hadn't tried to show off like that. And then, if by some miracle we made it to the stairs, when the shield tipped down for the slide, the end would catch on one of the steps and we'd fly through the air in a most ungraceful manner and land straight on our bums ands look rather silly and we would have wished that we hadn't tried to show off like that ;)

Same with the 'jumping on the horse' thing. You just know it would end up in a lot body parts being squished and trampled ;)

But, the LegolasLuv remains none the less *___* He's just so preeeeeeety!

I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought Wormtongue reminded me of Snape - Book Snape that is, Film Snape isn't as good as Book Snape :)

Today has been wonderful ^___^ It's been cozy *snuggles D* Well, OK *does more than snuggle* ;)

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