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I'm so proud of you D. *hugs you*

Well, I'm at work... I'm on the internet... I shouldn't be! *looks round* Don't tell anyone, k? ;)

So, we're starting to interview people for when I'm off on maternity leave, which will start officially on the 20th of January. I was going to recommend Rachel, but apparently Richard has plans for her. Nothing sinster. One would hope so anyway ;)
Richard and I are going to bve interviewing the candidates, funstuff. I hate doing interviews, they're always so boring and somewhat pointless. I mean, the best candidate could slip through just because we didn't 'click' in that one hour. Oh well.

It's the work Christmas party this Saturday, we're having it at some place I've never heard of. Which more than likely means that D probably knows the bloody owner or something!
*giggles* If it's anything like last time, it's gonna be good fun. Luckily this year I had nothing to with organising it. Can't be bothered with all that *waves hand dismissively*

David's gonna LOVE his Christmas present, poor fool, he's completely oblivious *giggles*

Christmas holidays start on the 20th, I don't have to be back until the sixth of January. I'm gonna be bored out of my skull! LOL I think D might have to go in and do overtime - he's trying to avoid working Christmas Eve, but we're not holding out much hope. We'll see.

Well, I'd better be off, time to go back to work I suppose. Funstuff!

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