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it's OK..

I haven't forgotten about this thing ^__^ I just don't spend all that much time on the computer. WHY am I chatting to D in AIM??? He's only in the other room LOL *shakes head*

I was going to do it last night, but David had other ideas.

So, work has been spiffy lately, we are doing an excellent impression of people not doing much at all. Well, it is nearly Christmas. I finish work on the 15th I believe and we're expected to return again on the fifth of January. Bloomin' hell, I won't know what to do with myself!
Dippy ReceptionistTM is still very much present and still being brilliantly dim. Last week she managed to not put stamps on the letters she was posting. -_-;

David's been dropping (not very) subtle hints about getting that motorbike. OK, actually, he isn't hinting at all. He's been outright ASKING. Cheek! ;)
Patience is virtue my dear *kisses D*

I had great fun on Saturday wrapping up all the presents. they look fantastic. Even if I do say so myself. *nodsnods*


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